Embrace It Coaching


Question: What do you do as a Coach?


Answer: You know how a really good mechanic can get your car running just as you want it to?  Well, that is similar to what I do.  I partner with clients to discover how to get their life to what they want it to be.  As you probably know, many people are living below their ideal vision. So, as a Professional Life Coach, I support clients in unlocking and maximizing their fullest potential.

And what’s so good about that, is that people can stop feeling guilty for what is missing and start embracing a fulfilling life.  And they will no longer sum up their life in this saying “well, that didn’t turn out as I hoped.” But instead, they will celebrate living their designed life.

How could you, or someone you know, benefit from coaching services like this?  Contact me today to see how we can partner for your better life.


Belinda Lowry

Belinda Lowry has spent much of her adult life counseling and coaching people to create their better life.  She is pursuing her dream of living at an off-grid homestead with her husband.  This dream requires a life in order; well organized with many factors and challenges to consider.  Through this journey, she has tested and tried a variety of life management skills not only for herself, but for many others who have followed after their dreams.

Each Client’s experience is unique and customized to them.  No matter what approach is best for you, Belinda has pledged to follow the Coaching Code of Ethics, so you know that you will be respected in this journey.

Special Training

~  Foundational Coaching 


~ Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

~ Beyond Recovery

~ Caring for People God's Way

~ Growing Kids God's Way

~  Family Herbalist

~ Plant-based Nutritionist

 Membership- American   Association of Christian   Counselors.

 Coming Soon-International   Coaching Federation