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 Maximizing Tendencies Coaching Workshop

 Discover the keys to unlock not only your potential, but also that of others.

Who is this coaching workshop for?


~ Individuals who want successful habit change.

~ Employees who want a better work experience.

~ Managers who want to boost effectiveness for

   themselves and their employees.

~ Anyone who wants to enrich their lives by

   discovering more about themselves and others.

What will the material cover?


~ What the Four Tendencies Framework is.

~ What your tendency is.

~ Better understanding of your own tendency.

~ Better understanding of the tendencies of others.

~ Meeting the challenges of each tendency to

   improve success and reduce feelings of failure.

~ Maximizing the strengths of each tendency in

   order to achieve your designed life and work


~ Better understanding of how to embrace the

   diversity that surrounds you.

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Each workshop is 4 sessions long and will cover the above material.  

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Maximizing Tendencies



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